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Premium and VIP pricing informations

.25mm / .4mm720.00€680.00€640.00€
.8mm **)870.00€830.00€790.00€
1mm ***)900.00€860.00€820.00€
Breast FormsPriceWeight / PairDimensions (L/W/H)
Cup B (565) ****)130.00€1000g18/12/7
Cup C (566) ****)140.00€1200g18.5/13/8
Cup D (567)150.00€1600g21.5/14.5/9
Cup E (568)160.00€2000g22.5/15.5/9.5
Cup F (569)180.00€2400g24.5/17/10
FitShape 561 ****)140.00€1200g14/11/8.5
FitShape 562200.00€2000g17.5/15/10.5
Teardrop J250.00€2800g21/16/11
Giant Boobs 587300.00€3600g18/16/13
Mega Boobs 588360.00€4600g20/17/15
Surcharge for Patchwork
BIG A5 (ca. 14cm x 20cm)80.00€
Middle A6 (ca. 10cm x 14cm)100.00€
Small A7 (ca. 7cm x 10cm)120.00€

all prices including the currently valid German VAT of 19%.

*) Special-Fit affects the bust area of the suit and is an option that makes sense from a C cup upwards. Similar to the Big-Boobs- a standard with this option has a halterneck, but not with closed pockets for silicone, but a halterneck with openings for your own. It also gives the impression of a bra underwire and the whole suit is pulled into the underbust fold. With translucent latex, however, the halterneck may be visible.

**) The seams of the .8mm and 1mm suits are reinforced (taped) on the inside, hence the higher price. With translucent latex, the adhesive backing may be visible, so we leave it out in the area of these cut parts, but it is also possible there at the customer's request.

***) only in the colors S10 black, S30 red, S180 white and T10 transparent

**) ***) For latex thicknesses from .8 mm, we recommend the slightly thicker zipper (60 mm rail), but this is only available in the colors red and black.
Please also bear in mind that translucent latex in thicker material thicknesses is less transparent

A with an exclusive design. On first sight you may think it's a body and separate stockings, but look again and realise this is something special, a bicolor with optional amazing filigree lace details (extra 120,00 Euro).

The suits second-color is semi-transparent. The body, and sleeves are the main colour. All colors are your choice. The 4cm high collar is available in a colour of your choice, including skin colored. The two-way zipper will also be in that color, with an option to have a hidden open crotch.

The without any options is:

  • turtle- 4cm or up to 8cm
  • 2-way-crotch-zip (female)
  • 1-way-crotch-zip with elaboration (male)
  • footstraps (stirrups)