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Premium and VIP pricing informations

More information about our Big Boobs design and it's specialties can be found in this Blog-Post.

MaterialBase pricePremiumVIP
.25mm or .4mm680.00€640.00€600.00€
.8mm **)810.00€770.00€730.00€
Prices for extras
Socks (separate or attached)85.00€
extended neckholder for breasts heavier than 2500g40.00€
Silicon-Breastforms ****)PriceWeightL / W / H (cm)
Cup B (Helix 565) *****)130.00€1000g / pair18/12/7
Cup C (Helix 566) *****)140.00€1200g / pair18,5/13/8
Cup D (Helix 567)150.00€1600g / pair21,5/14,5/9
Cup E (Helix 568)160.00€2000g / pair22,5/15,5/9,5
Cup F (Helix 569)180.00€2400g / pair24,5/17/10
FitShape 561 *****)140.00€1200g / pair14/11,5/9
FitShape 562200.00€2000g / pair17,515/10
Teardrop boobs J250.00€2800g / pair21/16/10,5
Giant boobs (587)290.00€3600g / pair18/16,5/13
Mega boobs (588)360.00€4600g / pair20/17,5/15

all prices including the currently valid German VAT of 16%.

*) Unfortunately, not all colors are available in thickness 0.6mm. Metallic colors are not offered by RR in 0,6mm. In the thickness 0,5mm we have almost every color in stock. Please ask for availability.

**) for the catsuits made from .8mm and 1.0mm all seams are reinforced on the inside

****) more breastforms on request - we advise you to the entire range of Special-Trade

*****)  only recommented if you have a very petite frame

A dream comes true. Slip into another skin -- one which has much larger boobs.

This has inner pokets to put silicon in. These are slightly pulled up with a holder with the result that the fold below the bust seems more realistic. If you waear a dress over the BBC it appears completly natural in contrast to other suits with inflatable breasts.

You will love this and never want to get out of it...

... and if so, you dress down your aching back with it:-)

We have a great variety of different breast cups and shapes availible in our shop.

For breast forms heavier than 2000g we do not recommend to choose .25mm for the . We have also developed an extended neckholder for breast forms heavier than 2500g, which also shifts the weight of the breasts to the shoulders and relieves the neck.

The extra charge for this extended neckholder is 30.00€.

The Hip-Booster is the ideal supplement to the Big-Boobs-Catsuit

Please note, that not only the cups have to fit your figure but also the shape and the breastforms should cover the existing natural breasts.

A notice to the Big-Boobs-:
There where sometimes missunderstandings about the design. The differences to the Standard-Female-Catsuit are the pockets inside for the breastforms.

The female catsuit has breastcups suitable the measures from you, too.

Only though the woman want the optic of bigger breasts, the BBC-Design is required.

The suit without any options is:

  • collar - 4cm or up to 8cm
  • 2-way-crotch-zip (female)
  • 1-way-crotch-zip with (small) elaboration (male)
  • footstraps (stirrups)

Different breastform by request - we get the - from Special-Trade