Classic catsuit

The traditional suit with the three-way-zipper

Sometimes you have to say good-bye to some products.

At the end of 2011 the traditional suit left our product range. In the months before nearly nobody asekd about the classical one as the  neck entry was so successful. Despite banning the classical suit from our list we hope that those customers who didn´t warm up with the neck entry suit will give it a chance.

The reason for not keeping the traditional suit are problems with the zippers. As every article the industry try to enhance them -- since years they are made of nylon already which didn´t cause a problem by now. But then the producers start to heat-treat them to make them more durable and water-resistent. Good for them, but we can´t glue the zippers to the latex effectivly any more.

In 2007 we decided only to work with zippers in the color of the suit as well as to take the small 40 ones. But those are the ones which are causing the problems now especially when they are longer like in the area of the back. To prevent those problems we would have to invest a large amount of money for the 60 zippers in all available colours. But as said above the demand lessend more and more so we decided to let the classical suit die.

Please bear with me.

Peter Pick
Fantastic Rubber