Common information about our catsuits

Your individual wishes are the way your suit will be manufactured.

Neck entry 

All our suits are neck entry only:

  • Standing collar either 4cm or 8cm without an additional fee
  • Crew neck possible
  • If you wish a worked-in hood with an exposed face


If you never saw how a suit without a zipper is put on, maybe you don´t believe that it is possible. But despite all doubts, every customer made it into one of our neck entry suits -- and out again!

Even people who are not the size of a model have done it, and it is getting easier every time. The latex itself is extentable to a degree of 300% to 400% without bagging out at the collar. To be specific, the collar strained only once to get in the suit and once to get out -- there are other parts e.g. the shoulder or the armpit which will be expanded because of the permanent motion all the time.

To omit the zipper has many advantages: It is much more comfortable to wear the suit for a long time or to wear it at special times in your life. This picture shows a suit which was worn throughout preagnancy without any problems.


The prices you´ll find under the different designs.

Differences between men and women suits:

We have to admit we are sticklers for details like only working with zippers that matches the color of the latex and making small differences with the women and mens suits. And we don´t price small individual wishes.

For the lady...

The womens suits all have a worked-in breast cup to enhance the breasts instead to squeeze them flat. We don´t use a round cut-out but make only a cut to add a under-breast cup to achieve a modified princess-design.

The woman suits are availible without any zipper. We developed a design that allows a suit with an open crotch which is not to be seen. The front part overlaps itself in the crotch and in addition it is underlayed. As long as you don't spread your legs whilst sitting, the opening is completely hidden.

For the gentlemen...

The suits for men have more space in front for obvious reasons. Also the zipper is longer. Hidden zippers are offered from 0.4mm on, it just does not make any sense for the thinner variety. It is also possible to get the hidden opening but for men we don´t guarantee everything will stay in place!

Options for all suits... 

All suits are availible with stirrups - without any additonal fee. Stirrups prevent the latex rising up your leg which causes wrinkles in the back of the knee every time you sit down. As a matter of fact the stirrups are standard now so if you don´t tell us otherwise your suit comes with them.

Also available are gauntlets in the color of the suit. They alter the suit so compleety you´ll never recognise it as the original one. The length is adjusted to high heels in general with the option to choose the height of them. The width of the flares is between 25 and 35cm and they are made of the same material as the suit, or thicker latex if you wish. The cost is 35 euros and up.

Also for 35 euros extra and up, our suits come with footlets. The extra charge and the other options your find under the actual designs. Another option would be to get seperate socks for the same price. They have two little reinforced holes under the toes to let the air circulate to prevent an unpleasant vaccum.

Some remarks about the zipper... 

With a few exceptions we only use a zipper in the colour of the latex. Because of the differences of the material there can be a slight color devation especially when you don´t use any oil to get into the suit. At the moment we have zippers in over 30 different colors -- of course also in black. :-)

From 0.4mm up the zippers are hidden, with 0.25mm this does´t seem sensible because the thin latex could get caught in the zipper. There is also a problem with the form giving out because the latex tends to be a bit unwieldy.

The womens suits come with a 2-way zipper, the mens ones with a single one.

In black the zipper is availiable in the stronger 60er rail as a lockable zipper. Without additional charge, of course.

Some remarks about the gloves...

Of course it is possible to get the suits with worked-in gloves, but we have ask you to provide the gloves you want. Our experience shows that gloves vary too much in their size to buy them without trying them on first. Please note, that the colors might not be matching. We prepare the sleeves with a small hole so the dressing will be easier and prevents a vacuum.

Plus, the gloves have to be made of regular latex. So there is no antiallergic synthetics or chlorinated latex possible.

A constant development...

Needless to say that our work is a permanent improvement. The amount of experience over the years allows us not only to detect the weak points of our suits but also ways to eliminate them and make our products much more durable. Part of it is that we not only enlarged our reinforcements at the latex, we also improved their form and placement so there are as few weak spots as possible.

There were also improvements in the original design. The customers who already own one of our suits know about it's exceptional wearing comfort. Once you are in it you just don´t want to get out. Ever. But those customers who bought more than one in a long period of time actually feel the difference. Just a small extension under the armpit made it possible that you can move your arm up 50 degrees without straining the latex.

Every thickness of latex requires a unique pattern which will be created from the measurements of the customer. Our measuring sheet contains over 40 specifications, some of them are there for the reasons of control but most of them are really needed for the pattern, something not all producers do.

That is the reason why we are able to offer you a suit with a neck entry up to 0.8mm, in which every customer is definitely able to dress, but that doesn't mean it won't be easier (and much more fun) with somebody to help….