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Premium and VIP pricing informations

.25mm / .4mm540.00€500.00€460.00€
.8mm **)720.00€680.00€640.00€
1mm ***)750.00€710.00€670.00€

all prices including the currently valid German VAT of 19%.

**) The seams of the .8mm and 1mm suits are reinforced (taped) on the inside, hence the higher price. With translucent latex, the adhesive backing 

may be visible, so we leave it out in the area of these cut parts, but it is also possible there at the customer's request.

***) only in the colors S10 black, S30 red, S180 white and T10 transparent

**) ***) For latex thicknesses from .8 mm, we recommend the slightly thicker zipper (60 mm rail), but this is only available in the 

colors red and black.
Please also bear in mind that translucent latex in thicker material thicknesses is less transparent

A form-fitting catsuit with a large cleavage and a wide leg. It´s our suit just to jump in. You can get this suit with like the Standard-, too. In this case please order the additional flared leg-cuffs.

And tt is the for the real woman with curves!

The 2-way-zipper will be in the suits color.

The suit without any options is:

  • 2-way-crotch-zip (female)
  • 1-way-crotch-zip with elaboration (male)