Material *) faceopen hood socks (separate or attached) Flared leg- or arm-cuffs
0,25 mm / .4mm 90.00 Euro 85.00 Euro 70.00 Euro
ask for other thicknesses 
More options
Gauntlets (Wrist Cuffs) attached at the sleeves 50.00 Euro
Gauntlets (Wrist Cuffs) as a separate order 70.00 Euro
Attached gloves from the customer (not chlorinated) 20.00 Euro
Zips over nipples 80,00 Euro

*) The thickness of the latex may vary.

all prices including the currently valid German VAT of 19%.

The standard catsuit

  • Standard collar, 4cm, neck is fitted
  • crotch zipper
  • Gauntlets


The hood is either seperate or attached to the catsuit - it is your choice.

latex open face hoodlatex open face hood

Optional the hood comes with a hidden whole for a ponytail.

latex open face hood with ponytail openinglatex open face hood with ponytail hood

A form showing you what and where to take the measurements for your head can be found in the service section of the site.

Double high collar

latex catsuit with high collarlatex catsuit with high collar

It is possible to get a double high collar at the same price. It's made of two different parts to suit the neck very well and comfortable.


Here you see our new breast line which forms even small breasts perfectly.

latex breast cutlatex breast cut

Gauntlets (Wrist cuffs)

Gauntlets can be bought as seperates or attached to the catsuit.

latex wrist cuffs


The zippers are always matching the latex color as much as possible while it may happen that the color vary slightly.

latex catsuit zipperslatex catsuit zipperslatex catsuit zipperslatex catsuit zippers

Of course the zipper is shaded with latex.

Hidden open crotch

This is the hidden open crotch of our suits and pants. The opening is 12 to 14cm long and is not to bee seen from the outside.

latex open crotchlatex open crotchlatex open crotch


The stirrups prevent the latex to slide up the legs. You'll never have wrinkles at your knees.

latex stirrupslatex stirrups


Those are our standard suits with a slim leg and a stirrup. The flared leg-cuffs are seperate.

Latex Gauntletslatex stirrups

Socks / Footlets

Experience tells us that seperate socks are much more comfortable than attached ones. Nevertheless your wish is our command.

latex socks

The socks will be made accoustumed to your size and foot form. There will always be a right and a left foot as well as for men (flat heels) and for women (high heels). Of course all our socks have airing holes under the toes.