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Premium and VIP pricing informations

MaterialBasic pricePremiumVIP
.25mm or .4mm710.00€670.00€630.00€
Prices for extras
Gauntlets (wrist-cuffs)50.00€
attached or separate socks85.00€

all prices including the currently valid German VAT of 19%.

Hood, socks and gauntlets are not included, see prices for options.

  • Hood Design Pharaoh 210,00€

bi-color catsuit with neck-entry, like all catsuits by Fantastic Rubber.

This Design is available for women, too.

The female design has a smaller logo at the upper bust.

The pictures shows the catsuit made from this colors:

  • maincolor at the picture is M100 metallic petrol
  • 2nd color: M20 old-gold

There are of course other possible color combinations. We advise you on the color scheme ...

The crotch-zip will be matching the maincolour.

The male pattern comes as default with a 1-way-crotch-zip with elaboration.

The without any options is:

  • collar 4cm or up to 8cm
  • 1-way-crotch-zip with elaboration (male)
  • 2-way-crotch-zip (female)
  • footstraps (stirrups)