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Premium and VIP pricing informations

.25mm or .4mm820.00€780.00€740.00€
Prices for extras
Gauntlets (wrist-cuffs)50.00€
separate or attached socks85.00€
Special-Fit-Option *)80.00€
Big-Boobs-Option *)110.00€

all prices including the currently valid German VAT of 19%.

*) Special-Fit is an Option for more emphasis on the chest area. The catsuit comes closer the breastbone and goes deeper into the breastfold. It is higly recommented for women from C-Cup. It looks like the catsuit has an underwire build inside.
If you choose a translucent color for this catsuit, please be aware, that the required parts for BigBoobs and Special-Fit can be visible!

The design Temptation ist multicolor catsuit. The second color must not a translucent color. The legs can be a third color like shown at the pictures.

You can choose every colors.

  • Main color for collar, breastarea and stockings - the pictures shows S125 turquoise
  • Second color for sleeves, upper chest, waistarea and upper leg - the pictures shows T40 translucent black
  • Panty and pinstripes - the pictures shows S111 royal blue
  • The maincolor is for all designs is the color on the primary sexual characteristics. This mustn't be the biggest part of the suit.

If you have questions about the color combination please don't hesitate to contact us.

The suit comes with a 2-way zipper in the crotch or, if desired, with our hidden opening and optionally as Big-Boobs- (BBC) or Special-Fit, too.