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MaterialBase pricePremiumVIP
Prices for extras
Gauntlets (wrist-cuffs)50.00€
Socks (separate or attached)85.00€
Attached open face hood90.00€

all prices including the currently valid German VAT of 19%.

*) Unfortunately, not all colors are available in thickness 0.6mm. Metallic colors are not offered by RR in 0,6mm. In the thickness 0,5mm we have almost every color in stock. Please ask for availability.

A catsuit in remarkable Tron design with glued on stripes, a chest shield and ornament on the back.

The catsuit is available for women and men. Please don't forget to add your gender when ordering.

  • Men: The zipper in the front is starts slightly higher (45cm) and elaborationfor more space
  • Women: The 2-way zipper is slighly shorter and the catsuit has build in breast cups

The suit without any options is:

  • turtle-neck 4cm or up to 8cm
  • oneway-crotch-zip with elaboration
  • footstraps (stirrups)