how to pay my order

you get the invoice by email when your order is in queue for production. You must not pay before this.

You can pay either in cash if you choose to pick your order in person - please contact us in this case - or wire transfer if you wish the order to be sent. For shipping outside of the Eurozone, we recomment payment by using TransferWise. You get an invitation from Fantastic Rubber.
Credit card like VISA, MasterCard and American Express.will only be accepted in exceptional cases.

PayPal is not accepted.

Some words about TransferWise...

TransferWise works not the same as other payment services like Paypal.
At first you open a new account at TransferWise, than you store my informations as a new recipient.
The website calculates the exchange rate, the amount of the transfer i.e. from US dollars to EURO and this exchange rate is guaranteed for 24 hours.
Then TransferWise will give you a bank account in your country with a code that must be entered as the subject. Further information can be put into the subject line.
TransferWise does not access your bank account, but you must transfer the money to TransferWise's account and I will receive the money from a German TransferWise account.

The advantage is that you don't pay fees for VISA and I do as well. In some cases the fees were just a few cents for the client.