Order information

Check list for an order at Fantastic Rubber:

  • Your Data
    • Name
    • Address
    • Shipping address if necessary
    • Phone number
    • Email
  • Product & details
    • Color
    • Latex thickness
    • Options and individual wishes
  • Complete and accurate measuring form
  • Pictures of you in a bathing suit (this is optional but it helps to minimize the risk of wrong measurements)

Please send all informations by email to Fantastic Rubber


If it should fit perfectly...

all depends on the the measuring. A good catsuit needs a good pattern and a good pattern needs trustworthy measurements. To ensure this, we need a lot of digits. Some of them are there for reasons of control to give us the possibility to spot inaccuracies and wrong numbers. Nevertheless, one has to make sure to measure where the benchmark is. We hope you understand that we are only able to give a warranty for measurements we took ourselves. However there are several measuring points all over Germany, most of them offered by satisfied customers. This service is for free - but certainly not for nothing. If you don't have a chance to go to one of our measuring points, of course you can download our measuring table and do it yourself. You have the choice between German, English and French.

Please have a look at the videos too: how-measure-correctly

Communication is important...

if you have any questions or individual wishes please don´t hesitate to ask us for anything you may like. Only if we know your wishes can we fulfil them. After you have mailed your order you'll get a confirmation email with a link to our order tracking system. Please take your time to check all the information you gave us. Please note that the actual production of your order takes just a few days. The completion of your order will be as quick as possible. For information about the progress of your order, please contact us giving us your order and customer ID for fast reference.
The number of our satisfied customers grows steadily, which also means we need more time to finish your order. We apologize for any inconvenience and for the long production time. We have already raised the number of staff members but they do of course need a proper training period. As we trust our customers completely, we don't require prepayment. You can of course pay upfront if you wish to.

Change of an order...

Right up until the beginning of production you can change your order any time. If you place a change after we started have started the manufacturing process, we will charge the additional costs, so please tell us of any changes as soon as possible.

Before production...

You will get the invoice via email. Production is starting after payment, so there should be no further delays.


You can pay either in cash if you choose to pick your order in person - please contact us in this case - or wire transfer if you wish the order to be sent. For shipping outside of the Eurozone, payment via credit card is not anymore available.PayPal is not accepted.


Items are shipped as soon as ready made. We do not charge for shipping within Germany.