A happy heart is more than all the money in the world. 

Of course, a happy heart doesn´t pay bills -- but nevertheless we want our customers to be happy with our products. We are proud to have so many satisfied customers, and their satisfaction is our motivation.

It´s not a secret that nice and shiny websites with glossy prints are not inevitably providing good products. Like everything the siren call of advertising is enticing but with it comes with a great risk of disappointment.

And it is more than understandable that you don´t want to be disappointed.

We want to inspire you. Your fetish should be your joy -- without being rueful for throwing out money. It is a rule, that the joy of a small prize never lasts as long as the frustration of bad quality. We, that is my wife Waltraut and me, Peter Pick, as well as our five full time employees.

Since the founding of our company we manufacture everything to size and try to realise every individual wish of our customers. Our main focus is solid workmanship and long durability. Because of these principles we repair our products for free, all you have to pay is the postage to us.

It is this free repair that is our incitement to make the products as good as possible, to avoid weak spots and to develop them in an ongoing process. A accident is not a drama, we´ll be there to help you. You will find more information under "repairs".

clothing makes fun, when it fits perfectly. So, make no compromise on quality and durability.

If there should be something we can´t do yet than either we try or -- if that doesn´t work --  we tell you the truth. Those things are something we owe our customers.

It all started in the last millenium out of sheer need because there was no affordable and well fitting clothing, and what was available, I did not like.

This was and is my very own standard, to fulfill dreams that nobody fulfilled before. To create something special that inspires others.

It is so simple to get affordable clothing, which is created to size.

We welcome our customers into the relaxed atmosphere of our new shop.

As you noticed, we don´t have an actual online shop in the common sense. To do what we do we need direct contact with our customers but of course you can order clothing from us without showing up in person.

For further information please have a look under "orders".

But be warned -- our products are addictive ;-)

With that in mind, please enjoy yourself on our website.

Peter Pick