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MaterialBasic PricePremiumVIP
.25mm or .4mm710.00€670.00€630.00€
Prices for extras
Gauntlets attached to the sleeves50.00€
Socks, attached or separate (recommended)85.00€

all prices including the currently valid German VAT of 19%.

Bi-Color with pinstripes

On the pictures you see the suit in
- maincolor S121 nightshade blue
- second color for sleeves, shoulders and legs is T50 translucent blue.

The leg has a outside and inside seam. Along the transparent parts on the front and back part a pinstripe is glued.

All other color combinations are possible, too - we are pleased to advise you on the color scheme ...

In the crotch there is a 2-way-zip matching the main color.

Optionally, the is also available with our concealed crotch opening.