Perla Tiana

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Premium and VIP pricing informations

MaterialBase pricePremiumVIP
.25mm or .4mm710.00€670.00€630.00€
Prices for extras
Socks (separate or attached)85.00€
Big-Boobs-Option *)110.00€
Special-Fit-Option *)80.00€

all prices including the currently valid German VAT of 19%.

*) Special Fit relates to the chest area of the and is an option that makes sense from a C cup up. Similar to the Big-Boobs this option has a halter, but instead of the closed bags are cut-outs for existing breast in halter.
It also looks like an underwire bra-strap and the is drawn into the crease below the breast.

This is available for women and men.

3-colored with transparent areas at the waist and thighs with contrasting pin strips - even as a stocking seam.

The design is available in two different styles:

  1. with the higher panty - white
  2. with the lower panty - in orange
  • maincolour: upper chest, turtle-, sleeves, pants and stockings
  • 2nd colour: arround the waist and upper tight
  • pin-stripes

There are of course other possible color combinations. We advise you on the color scheme ...

The crotch-zip will be matching the maincolour.

Optionally, the is also available with our hidden crotch opening and as Big-Boobs- (BBC), too.

The without any options is:

  • turtle- 4cm or up to 8cm
  • 2-way-crotch-zip
  • footstraps (stirrups)